Seafair Pirates 7/22

The Seafair Pirates will be raiding the Northlake Tavern Friday, July 22 at 7:00 PM. Swing by for for a roaring good time!

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Located under the I-5 ship canal bridge on the north shore of Lake Union, Northlake Tavern has satisfied the pizza cravings of University of Washington students, grads, and pizza fans for over five decades.

660 NE Northlake Way
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 633-5317

Must be 21 to dine in!
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Proudly serving quantity and quality since 1954!

Part of Seattle's Nostalgic and Tasty Past!

Northlake Tavern and Pizza House opened in 1954 at a site just a block west of its present location. With the construction of the Interstate 5 Highway bridge ... Northlake had to move ... so we did to our present location.

ABOUT OUR PRODUCT! The special kind pizza we feature here is from an old Italian recipe. It happened one day as the original owner of this establishment expressed his dissatisfaction with the pizza. "Pshew, what garbage!" he exclaimed. "I'll bet I can make a better pizza than this." So a bet was made.

He recalled eating a great pizza in New York ... so he gave a call to an old friend in NY whose family ran an Italian restaurant and he got their special pizza recipe. After some experimentation with various kinds of toppings, cheeses, and crust, the Northlake Style Pizza was born! He won the bet.

Since then we have carried on the tradition of making a special kind of pizza. We work hard to make your pizza a real taste treat. We use only the freshest and finest ingredients available, such as Real Canadian bacon, Hawaiian pineapple, and all of our cheese is real. And, our pepperoni and beef sausage is specially ground to our own demanding specifications.

Original Northlake cartoon paintings by Seattle's 2-time Pulitzer Prize winning political cartoonist David Horsey proudly adorn our walls.

2013 Husky Legends Night

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